Director’s Desk


Dr. Pramod Gupta

MBBS, DPM (Psychiatrist)

As the quote goes, "A stitch in time saves nine", in a stress prone era, the malaise of mental health issues and alcohol or substance addictions followed by the adverse outcomes of non or late intervention needs no emphasis.

The WHO global burden of disease (GBD) clearly indicates by The DALY metric measure that mental disorders such as depression, alcohol use disorders and psychoses (e.g. bipolar disorder and schizophrenia) are among the 20 leading causes of disability as per GBD 2004 update.

Timely intervention ensures optimal success only if one makes the right kind of effort at the right time. The relentless service of CIIMHANS in the past nine years, taken mental health care to the most modern levels in the region catering to urban and rural population. Since the inception of CIIMHANS, it has been our endeavour to reach out to the depth of society and spread awareness in this newly emerged relatively developing state of India, apart from treating the patients with mental health issues and addicts.

I am happy to note that the exuberant team CIIMHANS is following the ideals of philanthropy integrated into our noble profession which gives out rays of hope to the needy in every nook and corner of this region and the name and fame of our team is spreading pan India at a greater speed.

We believe in bringing the most modern techniques and delivering extraordinary care to ailing population with the highest levels of ethics and standards. We are committed to continuing medical, para-medical education, through our Job and research oriented upcoming M.Phil and PG programs.

CIIMHANS believes rendering Quality care based on ethics. It is a place that reflects an aura of global wellness. I am pleased and also confident that you would find your choice of CIIMHANS for a dear one to be a rewarding experience.

"No matter what your troubles are, we accept you with care, so that you go back with a smile."

Why people choose us?

With quality care, comfort, security, kindness, love and empathy as provided by their family, the baseline being rehabilitation.

The mission of reaching out to the victims of mental health issues, addiction and the lamenting families.

Highly expert professionals so that the residents could experience the delightful stay.

CIIMHANS, since its commencement of journey through, had a mission re-inforced.

Available Facilities

  • Expertise & professional care by highly qualified staff.
  • Psychiatric and social rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and Behavioural management.