Mrs. Abdul Sajid khan

Dr. Abdul Sajid khan

De addition dept. In charge.

A highly skilled, compassionate and solutions- oriented medical professional dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for adults experiencing or exposed to drugs, other psychoactive drugs and alcohol abuse. He has a sense of self- awareness, an investigative approach, a desire to strive for competence, emotional objectivity and facilitative attitudes and values. Being a counselor, self awareness refers insight into who he is, what is important to him. Demonstrated track record of success working with diverse client populations in one on one and group settings.

He is having 19 years of experience in handling the substance abusers and related projects like "Prevention of Alcoholism & Substance (Substances) Abuse" organized by (MOSJ&E) and successfully implemented the pilot project on Peer led intervention strategies in reducing risk taking behavior of intravenous drug users. He was the recourse person of RRTC(West) Pune. Since last 8 years he is working in CIIMHANS as the de addiction department in charge, IEC marital developer, facilitator of outreach activity and training programmes and the Editorial member of "CIIMHANS BULLETIN".

With this adequate experience he is an Effective motivator, communicator, and advocate with inherent ability to manage all types of facilitation and implementation project , proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives.