Mrs. Geetha Nair

Mrs. Geetha Nair

Nursing Superintend

Mrs. Geetha Nair, Nursing Superintend with her ample 25 years of service in this noble profession was consistently commended for delivering patient-centered, quality critical care. She is a dedicated member of multidisciplinary healthcare teams known for excellent clinical skills; ability to remain calm under pressure; and strengths in making swift, correct decisions in emergency situations. Her ability in handling the medical emergencies resulting from events such as aggression, panic attacks, attempts of deliberate self harm or any other issues related to the mental health patients and addicts in CIIMHANS is phenomenal since her inception in Oct 2013.

She has displayed expert clinical skills, assesses and stabilizes with expedience and accuracy in managing the critical care of all categories of Emergency Department patients and is also a preceptor/mentor to nursing staffs and caretakers. The effective intervention in emergency scenarios, demonstrating sound decision-making of Mrs. Geetha Nair helped save patient lives. Her contribution to strategic plans and initiatives to advance standards par excellence, improves patient outcomes and drive continuous development.