Clinical psychology as one of the core disciplines in the area of mental health/illness has grown significantly in the last two decades. Today, the clinical psychology training is being offered at more than ten recognized centers across the country with utmost efficiency. Consequently, the number of clinical psychologists available in service sectors has increasedsignificantly. Though there is an upward trend, number of professionals currently available at various levels is no match to the number specified to face the ever growing demands in the field. CIIMHANS institute starting internship program for clinical psychology students to prepare the trainee to function as a qualified professional ClinicalPsychologist in the areas of mental and physical health by offering Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Rehabilitative, Administrative services, and to work towards promoting the well- being and quality-of-life of individuals..


Each Individual undertakes voluntary work to gain relevant professional experience to further their career


The objectives for developing this training manual is to impart training toClinical Psychology students, to

  • Identify gross behavioural and psychological symptoms of common mentalhealth problems as well as recognize features of developmental problems anddevelopmental disabilities in children and assess severity of symptoms ofmental disorders with the help of appropriate instruments, i.e. rating scales,questionnaires, checklists etc.
  • Administer, score, interpret and report simple psychological tests used forclinical purposes (YMRS, HAM-D, BDI, Stress Questionnaires etc.). Carryoutassessment of psychosocial or mental disabilities.
  • Recognize the need for and refer to the specialist mental health professionalsand counsel the individuals and families to continue treatment as advised bythe professionals and motivate them for compliance to treatment.
  • Carry out basic counselling with individuals with mental health problems andtheir families as well as to apply simple behavioural management techniques.Also help individuals with mental health problems develop better coping withstressors of everyday living.
  • Assess rehabilitation needs and plan rehabilitative strategies for individualswith severe mental disorders.


DAY TIME (approx. 1hrs.) TASK
TUESDAY 9.45 am Patients round on MSE presentation
WEDNESDAY 4.00 pm Case presentation
THURSDAY 10.00 am Topic discussion psychological testing
FRIDAY 9.45 am Test presentation
SATURDAY 9.45 am Patients round on MSE presentation
SUNDAY 10.00 am Topic discussion mental disorders

Available Facilities

  • Expertise & professional care by highly qualified staff.
  • Psychiatric and social rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and Behavioural management.