Rehab helps people learn how to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, like-

  • To restore to good condition, operation, or management, as a bankrupt business.
  • To reestablish the good reputation of (a person, one's character or name, etc.).
  • To restore formally to former capacity, standing, rank, rights, or privileges.
  • To undergo rehabilitation.
  • To cope with drug cravings and get through times when relapse temptation is strong.

It also helps people learn the skills necessary to prepare for the day-to-day struggles of recovering from addiction, Neurological issues and how to address the things that may have contributed to the recovery.

Around -the-clock physician coverage are provided the nursing staff includes registered nurses and they are experienced in acute care. Physicians and nurses were work with physical, occupational, speech/language and recreational therapists, rehabilitation psychologists, psychologist and social workers to develop patient treatment plans. To provide the qualitative service we use to give at least three hours of therapy daily, seven days a week to the patient.

Other services the facilities offer, which includes programming in horticulture, art, music, relaxation, cooking, balance/coordination, stroke exercise, yoga, detoxification of substance and Parkinson’s disease.

To maximizing every opportunity for recovery. We use to build a partnership involving the patient, family and medical providers are work as a rehabilitation team.

The optimal length of rehab can vary according to:

  • The individual's history with addiction.
  • The severity of the Neurological.
  • The presence of co-existing medical, mental, or behavioral health conditions (dual diagnosis).
  • The individual's physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs

Studies find that those who spend longer amounts of time in rehabilitation programs achieve better rates of long-term qualitative and sober life.

This is because more time spent at a treatment facility means more opportunity to focus on the root causes and behaviors behind the addiction or other complications. If these issues are effectively addressed, individuals are more likely to be able to resist temptations to relapse.

Why people choose us?

With quality care, comfort, security, kindness, love and empathy as provided by their family, the baseline being rehabilitation.

The mission of reaching out to the victims of mental health issues, addiction and the lamenting families.

Highly expert professionals so that the residents could experience the delightful stay.

CIIMHANS, since its commencement of journey through, had a mission re-inforced.

Available Facilities

  • Expertise & professional care by highly qualified staff.
  • Psychiatric and social rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and Behavioural management.